Is destafx a scam?

Is destafx a scam ? Beware danger !!! Many scams are circulating on the Internet. We have conducted extensive investigations on destafx to find out if it is a scam. All investors should read this article before deciding to use destafx.

There are many people interested in online trading, but there are also many scams. Unfortunately, it’s easy for people to fall for these scams because they don’t know what they are looking for.

Can we trust destafx?

“Trading scams” is a topic that has been in the news a lot in recent years. There have been several cases where people have been duped by dishonest traders and lost a lot of money.

Are you ready to invest with your eyes closed? destafx is it legal? We will answer all these questions. To check if destafx is trustworthy, you need to check if destafx is doing investment business legally in your country. You can check this with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US or the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK.

If you can’t find your broker or organization in these files, then you have a first indication of suspicion. Trading is an activity that can involve risks. Trading with serious brokers is an important point. So don’t be mistaken.

How to recognise a dishonest broker ?

Unfortunately, many unregulated brokers are trying to convince European investors to register on their platforms. Here’s how to recognise them:

1. Your broker is not regulated. 

A regulatory licence is required to practice in Europe. It is therefore important to always check before committing yourself.

Did you encounter this with destafx?

2. You were solicited by telephone. 

These brokers’ main technique is to solicit by phone. If a broker you’ve never heard of phones you and tries to persuade you to invest on their platform, it is best not to follow it up. It is probably a scam.

Did you encounter this with destafx?

3. Your broker offers you a managed account. 

The second most common technique is the managed account. This is a trading account on which you deposit money and the brokers’ trader deals for you to make a profit. This is often a scam. The trick is to make you believe in regular earnings to induce you to deposit more. The day that you request a withdrawal of your earnings, they disappear with your money.

Did you encounter this with destafx?

4. Your broker offers you a free trial of their platform using their own money. 

Here is the third scam technique. The broker usually offers to give you 200 or 500 euros in order to test the platform. The platform is then rigged so that you make a lot of money. Once you want to withdraw the money you are then asked to make a deposit, often very substantial, to release the money. Of course once the deposit is made you won’t hear from them again.

If your broker falls into one of these categories you can be 99% certain that it is a scam and that you will never see your money again or the earnings you have made. Your broker, however, will have won all round because he will take risks with your money and, if he s\\ucceeds, he will keep the earnings as well as your investment.

Did you encounter this with destafx?

Why are so many brokers banned in the world? 

The answer is simple; it only takes a few days to create a false binary options or forex or investment platform. So when a dishonest broker is spotted, with negative reviews for example, they just have to open a new site with a new name and a new broker, shiny and brand new, is born.

So if you are not sure that destafx is reliable, it is better to choose another broker.